Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Um, wtf, brain?

Okay. For the last two days, I've had freaky-ass dreams that I find a bit disturbing.

First one involved being at a dance at a casino.... and being a witness to a shooting. All I remember is chaos, the aftermath of said chaos, and later getting home, changing out of my dress, and trying to relax.... before eying the dress and throwing it in the trash because I knew I would never be able to wear it again due to the negative memories tied to it.

Today's dream involved the cast of The Big Bang Theory, and me packing up everything I own to move out.... Though not everything got packed up right away.... And I was talking to a lady who was like an amalgamation of both Leonard and Sheldon's mothers.... At one point, I looked into my bedroom, which was all but empty aside from a few boxes and some furniture that I was probably leaving behind.... and I said to the lady "It just seems so weird, seeing that room so empty...."

Now I don't know if these two dreams are related or not, or even what they're hinting at. If anyone wants to chime in, feel free to do so.

I just know that I don't have freaky-ass dreams like these when I've fallen asleep after playing WoW.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


So I did a bit of research.... Stumbled upon this site: and had a bit of a lightbulb moment.

It really does make sense. And it explains so much why I've been so damn drained.

Friday, March 9, 2012


mkay.... Here's the deal.... as of late, in other words: the last month or so, I've just been so damn wiped, and it seems like I just can't get enough sleep. But, and this is the really sucky thing, I have no insurance, so I can't go to the doctor's and find out what's wrong. It might just be that my internal clock's fucked up, or it could be something more serious. Right now, all I can do is try to eat better, and try and get back onto a more reasonable sleep schedule......