Wednesday, November 30, 2011

This is sheer win. And deliciosity.

This makes me all kinds of happy. The amount of detail is awesome, and there's even a wee ickle gingerbread Luke dangling from a licorice rope. XD

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


This is why I have been silent with the witty snark this month.

Edit: I should've edited this yesterday after I did what I did, but at about 11:20 PM, I crossed the 50K finish line after a mad sprint to write the remaining 3K or so.... I ended up crossing the finish line and not finishing the story, so for the next few weeks, I'mma be working on the story off and on and getting it finished so I can get it printed out, edited by a friend of mine who loves editing stuff, and published. I'll likely be trying to find someone to carry the story for sale, if I don't just go and self-publish and sell through my Etsy account.

This has been an epic month. I'm glad I'm done writing for NaNoWriMo though.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

feeling sick to my stomach

Why is it that when I decide that I want to try and make things work with my parents, and that I want to trust them, they go and pull shit like what they did yesterday evening? 

I have my grades and other educational information set so that a limited number of people have permission to access it.  Amongst those I have excluded this year are my parents, because I wanted to start holding myself accountable for my actions in school, instead of having to answer to them every time I fuck up.  They went behind my back and accessed my information somehow.  I'm not pissed that they saw that I'm having trouble in a few classes, I'm pissed that they went behind my back to get that information, when they had no right to be accessing it in the first place. 

Yes, I know I still live under their damn roof. Do NOT try and argue that point with me.  I want to be able to trust them, but if they're pulling shit like that, it shows me that yet again, I have no reason to trust anyone I'm related to by law.  I keep trying to not hate them. I keep trying to work things out with them.  But until they are willing to try and meet me half way, I am unable to bring myself to not feel feelings of despair and hatred towards them.  I do not like feeling that way towards anyone... Especially not the people who raised me.