Monday, January 2, 2012

50 Posts and A Review

Wow, 50 posts.... I know I prolly should have reached this back in 2011, but oh well.... 2012 started with me getting a kiss from a very lovely lady, aka Angel Shinigami, at midnight. Totally worth being crowded in like sardines at a nightclub we went to for the NYE event.

This year, I have resolved to continue working on improving myself, blogging more, trying new things (I make that resolution every year, and so far, it's one of the few I've always kept.), and to work on replacing bad habits with healthier ones.

Anyhoo.... The first review of the year is.... Teavana's "My Morning Mate" tea! In keeping with my "Try new things!" resolution.... I got two ounces of this tea at the Teavana store in Westroads Mall, in Omaha, Nebraska.

This tea is a fragrant, almost chocolaty-smelling concoction. There are flowers in it and what almost looks like dried berries.... I think it smells really nice. It's a basic mate, which is why I chose it as a starting point.

I heated water in a bigger mug and brewed the tea in said mug, before pouring it into a teacup. In the cup, it's a golden brown liquid, and smells just as good as it does in the tin, though I would advise adding sugar or honey, as it doesn't taste as pretty as it smells without some sweetness. And look, you can see the inner rim of my favorite teacup!

The tea itself is almost chocolaty tasting, with an almost vanilla note, and some kind of spice. I'm not quite sure what all goes into making a mate blend, but whatever it is, it's quite good.

And now, a shot of the outside of my favorite teacup. Granted, it's my ONLY teacup at this point, and it was given to me in a gift exchange on a Steampunk forum that I frequent... It originally held a candle. I don't brew my tea in it, since I don't own a proper kettle, instead heating water in a coffee mug in the microwave. Because my mug has silver paint, I can't put it in the microwave, but that's alright.

Overall, "My Morning Mate" is flavorful, smells pleasant, and would be a wonderful way to start each morning. It gets:

Thumbs up! The Den Seal of Approval!


  1. Flaaaaaaaaaaaaaame! <3

    This is Tam

  2. Congradulations on 50 blog posts!!! *Hugs* And New years rocked! I'm glad you liked your tea ^_^


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