Monday, May 7, 2012

Convention Plans

Yes, I know it seems a bit early for me to be worrying about Anime Nebraskon, but I have a very good reason for doing so. This year, a very dear friend of mine will be flying in, and we'll be sharing a hotel room. I'll be booking the room in a few weeks, after I get more money put onto my re-loadable Visa, and have payed a couple bills...

I will have at least two costumes (possibly three, if time and money work out right) at Nebraskon, one of which is indeed Deckerd. I'm actually really close to having that one entirely done, aside from a few key pieces which need to be rebuilt before I can cover 'em in fabric. One of the other costumes I'm bringing will be worked on starting in August, when the fabric stores start putting out their Halloween fabrics, since I need a very specific one for the costume in question (no, I will not be posting progress pics of that one, since it's a surprise, though one other person does know who I'll be), and it's only available right before and after Halloween.... Though the actual building will happen prolly as soon as I finish Deckerd.

Anyway, keep checking here for updates from the Den! :D

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