Thursday, February 16, 2012

Nom Review: Kippers

As part of my resolution to continue to strive for improvement, I've decided that I will start trying new foods. I decided to dive in feet first by taste-testing something that's kind of been one of my "fear" foods: Kippered Herring snacks.

What is "kippered", you ask? Well, according to a fish, especially a herring, that has been cured by splitting, salting, drying, and smoking.

Anyway.... On to the review.

I purchased "Brunswick" brand "Seafood Snacks". $1.25 at Family Dollar and probably about that at most other stores in my area....

Not very impressive packaging, is it? Just some colored plastic film with the brand name and the pertinent data... One serving size is one can.

Size comparison. The can's about as long as my hand.

What the kippers look like. The smell is very fishy at first. And there's a bit of liquid inside the can.... which kinda grossed me out when it got on my hand... I'm such a girl sometimes.

Getting it out of the can....

Om. In truth, this was the second bite I had taken, 'cause I messed up trying to get a pic of the first bite.

Overall, it's not too bad. I'd buy it again to snack on. It's totally the wrong texture for what I'm really craving at the moment (Rollmops, just in case anyone's curious), sadly, but still quite nom. Like a lot of things I've been intimidated by in the past, this really wasn't as bad as I'd imagined it would be. And now, I have something new to add to my list of "Like" foods. :3

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