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Thoughts on Alcohol
As I write this, I am about four-fifths of the way through a tall rum and coke.  Any typos will be fixed once I am sober.  Alcohol, while it may be the source of a lot of the evils in the world, is not neccessarily a bad thing.  I can't think of any examples at the moment, besides it being used in cooking to add distinctive flavors to foods, but I'm sure there's something it is good for besides that.  On the flipside, there is a reason it is a bad thing. 
I have witnessed this first-hand with my father.  The man is an undiagnosed alcoholic.  On the "good" days, he's content to keep his mouth shut and pass out in his chair or on the couch.  These days are few and far between.  On his "bad" days, he's argumentative, verbally abusive, and incredibly ill-tempered.  Most of the time, he tends towards argumentative and ill-tempered.  This is steadily getting worse as time goes on...
I, myself, being of legal age to imbibe alcohol, do enjoy the occasional drink.  I have, on very few occasions, drank beyond my normal two or three drinks in one evening.  I do not drink every single day, and generally, when I do choose to drink, I have found that I become a lot less of a wallflower, and I am more apt to speak my mind on things. 
I tend to favor simpler drinks, like rum and coke, Midori (melon liqueur) on the rocks (over ice for those of you who don't know what "On the rocks" means), Kaluha and soymilk (can't drink cow milk anymore), or vodka and cranberry juice, though I do love a drink called "Captain Jack Sparrow", which is Captain Morgan spiced rum, Jack Daniel's, and cola.  I also like margaritas, and Guinness.  Irish Mimosas are another drink I've found I like.  I tend to try at least one new drink when I go someplace I haven't been before. 
One reason I try not to drink too much and not very often, is because of the earlier-stated things I've seen with my dad.  It's only a matter of time before he's pulled over or hits someone due to drunk driving...  I just pray that that will be the wake-up call he needs to get help for his addiction.  I also pray that I never end up like him.
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