Friday, September 2, 2011

College Experience Journal Entry #3

The entries after the first two may have different numbers associated with them, but I assure you, the title of the entry here is the chronological order that the entries were written in.

College Experience Reflective Journal Entry #14 Oct 07, 10
1. Successes I have created in my  life:
-Graduated High School
-Graduated Job Corps on Honor Four phase
-Traveled on my own over 1,000 miles
-Got a tattoo that means something to me
-Enrolled in college
-Figured out what I want to do with my life
-Overcome my fear of dogs
-Been to over five anime conventions

2. Personal skills and talents:
-Understanding of good characterization
-Musical ability
-Secretarial skills
-Costuming skills
-Duct tape manipulator
-Type at over 80 net words per minute with 99-100% accuracy
-good listener
-Able to laugh at my own "DERP"s

3. Positive risks I've taken:
-Taking a job at a casino in 2007
-Going into Job Corps
-Getting my tattoo
-Asking a girl in one of my very first college classes about her messenger bag
-Applying at SWCC
-Dyeing my hair blue

4. Important actions that I have resistance about doing
-Calling the CPC in order to get help getting to a doctor and or psychologist
-Working on and submitting a project to the AntiCraft web magazine
-Workig on a commission for someone whose attitude I dislike

5. Visualization:
I am writing the information down for my project. I have all of my pictures for my project, as well as the "proof of concept" pictures from my pattern testers. I am excited. Everything is spelled right, gramatically correct, and there are no measurement errors.  The editors of the AntiCraft are excited about publishing my project.

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