Friday, September 2, 2011

College Experience Journal Entry #5

College Experience Post-Assessment Results Oct 07, 10
62: Accepting Personal Responsibility   
75: Discovering Self-Motivation   
53: Mastering Self-Management   
55: Employing Interdependence   
63: Gaining Self-Awareness   
65: Adopting Lifelong Learning   
44: Developing Emotional Intelligence   
71: Believing in Myself
Now compare these scores to my scores from almost eight weeks ago:

Accepting Personal Responsibility:  51
Discovering Self-Motivation:  61
Mastering Self-Management:  30
Employing Interdependence:  38
Gaining Self-Awareness:  37
Adopting Lifelong Learning:  41Developing Emotional Intelligence:  34
Believing In Myself:  46

The scoring for both was as follows:

0 - 39 area where your choices will seldom get you on course.
40 - 63 area where your choices will sometimes get you on course.
64 - 80 area where your choices will usually keep you on course.

It's amazing how far I've come just in eight weeks.

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