Monday, September 19, 2011

More Writer's Block Answers

From the first part of September to today:

 "Anybody home? Think, McFly, Think!"

Who is the meanest movie bully?
I have no idea.  I don't really pay attention to bullies in movies anymore...

It’s just a game…

Do you pick truth or dare? Tell us why?
I hate that game... Truth, because I only do dares from the people I trust not to suggest stuff like streaking... That list is a very, VERY short list, and only has about five people on it...

Can't we all just get along?

What is one way to stop or prevent bullying?
 I'm not really sure, short of letting the kid who is being bullied deck the bully/bullies to knock some sense into 'em.  Letting kids know that NOBODY has the right to make them feel bad is a start, I guess... 

Paging Al Gore

Would you give up the Internet for $10 million? (this is for the rest of your life.)
Assumption city.... That being said, are you %*^$#(@#$%ing mental?! I have college classes that I do things for online, as well as one course that is entirely online.  I talk to my friends online, since all of the people I like to talk to live in different time zones from me.  I shop, I play online games... So in short, NO.

It happened one night

What is the best thing that's happened to you so far?
Getting to meet Michael McConnohie and Paul Eiding.  I admire their work as voice actors, and I respect them as people.  They're very wonderful gentlemen, and it was an honor to meet them.

Killer Queen

What's your favorite Queen song, and why?
Assumptions...  That being said, I love "Under Pressure", which was done with David Bowie.

MVP awards

What’s the most important thing to you (person, animal, anything)?

My individuality.

Blast to the past

If you could travel back in time, what would you tell your 10-year-old self?

I'd prolly scare the crap outta my 10-year-old self....  

Your 15 Minutes

If you had your own reality show, what would it be called? What would it be about?
Why would I want a reality show?

Freaky Friday

If you could become a member of the opposite sex for just one day, what would you do?
.... I'm not touching this one. 

Excuse me, but there’s lettuce in your teeth.

Tell us your worst date stories. (Don’t worry, we all have them.)

Um, no, WE don't.  Assumption again.... That said, the worst one I've had was the date that ended in me being dumped. Turns out the guy wanted to try and get into the pants of my best friend.  She told him to take a hike. 


Where were you?
When the first plane hit? Walking to school.  When I was told? Fourth seat in from the door, front row of the alto section in choir class.

Hey Mr. DJ, keep playing this song…

What music lifts you up when you’re feeling down?
Music with a bouncy beat, that I can dance to.  Techno, Trance, Classical, Lady Gaga.... My music tastes are very strange.

Home sweet hometown

What do you like best about your city or hometown? What do you want to change?
 What did I say about assuming stuff?!  I don't like my hometown.  It's isolated, despite having two highways going through it.  The nearest Walmart's a half hour a way for cripe's sake!  I would  move it closer to Omaha, like, a suburb of Council Bluffs, just to have more access to the things I like to do.

Take Two

In the next life, who or what do you think you’ll be reincarnated into?
Hopefully, a better me.  But quit assuming stuff, Livejournal Users. Not everyone wants to be reincarnated, nor do they all believe in it.

Eraser dust

If you could delete one thing in life from ever existing what would it be, and why? (e.g., paper not being invented or the color ‘blue’)
....WTF are you people on?!

Lucas for a day

If you could write the next Star Wars movie, what story would you tell? It could be anything: a sequel, prequel, or anything in-between. Describe your adventure in 300 words or less. Our favorite story will receive a Star Wars saga Blu-ray gift pack!
I don't have Blu-ray. Also, Lucas is a bit of an idjit for trying to rewrite what made him so successful in the first place.

Fashion faux pas

What is the strangest thing in your closet?

...Besides duct tape shoes, and cardboard mecha armor?

On the red carpet

Are you watching the Emmys tonight?

Nope. Not interested in that, but Mom likes to watch the fashion-related stuff.

Talk like a pirate day!

Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day by scribblin’ ye finest buccaneer-them’d joke in today’s Writer’s Block, arrr, Scrawl.

Top jokes win me booty.
....I apologize in advance for inappropriateness and immature humor:  At a tavern, thar be a pirate sittin' near th' fireplace wit' a parrot named Chess.  Th' bar wench comes over to ask th' pirate about 'is bird, 'n is told th't th' parrot c'n sing.  So th' bar wench asks for proof.  Th' parrot starts a round of "What do ye do wit' a drunken sailor?", 'n carries on fer several minutes. Th' bar wench asks if Chess be after knowin' any other shanties, to which th' pirate replies "Aye, lass. Ol' Chess knows lots o' songs... Show 'er, Chess".  Chess refuses t' perform anythin' but "What do ye do wit' a drunken sailor?" After a few minutes o' th's, th' pirate grabs Chess 'n holds 'im over th' fire.  Chess immediately begins singin' "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire!"

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